Mise en scène de la Célestine III


  • Mise en scène de la Célestine III
  • Mise en scène de la Célestine III
  • Mise en scène de la Célestine III
  • Mise en scène de la Célestine III

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Artist: Pablo Picasso
Title: Mise en scène de la Célestine III
Medium: Acquaforte Etching on Velin
Serie: La Célestine
Edition: 07/50
Bibliograph/Published: BLOCH 1565
Sizes: plate 29.5 x 34.5 cm (sheet size about 45 x 52 cm)
Signature:lower right on pencil

Condition: perfect

This piece is sold unframed


The Celestina or, simply, Celestina, is the name with which the Tragicomedy of Calisto and Melibea has been popularized, attributed to Fernando de Rojas. Its composition goes back to the last years of the fifteenth century, during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, although its extraordinary editorial success begins in the sixteenth century and continues, with ups and downs, until its prohibition in 1792. By its amorous argument, its purpose Didactic, the abundance of authority citations, the choice of their characters, their dialogue and their more than probable link to a university environment, Celestina has been considered a sui generis example of humanistic comedy, although some people prefer to consider it as a Hybrid between novel and drama. Its influence in both genres is very remarkable, to the point that it is possible to speak of the subgenre of the celestinesca, in which both works developed directly from its plot, its characters or its subjects, like environments or celestinescos characters in Comedies and novels that, in principle, have nothing to do with the Celestina.

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