Un poème dans chaque livre (Paul Eluard)


  • Un poème dans chaque livre (Paul Eluard)
  • Un poème dans chaque livre (Paul Eluard)
  • Un poème dans chaque livre (Paul Eluard)

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Pablo Picasso
Un poème dans chaque livre (Paul Eluard) - 1956
Original Lithograph on BFK Rives wove paper
Signed on pencil
Numbered "53/100" in pencil
Publisher Louis Broder, Paris
Printer Union, Paris
Sizes: 49.5×32.5cm
Bibliography: C. Czwiklitzer, Pablo Picasso, Affiches 1923-1973, n°109
This piece is sold unframed


“Paul Eluard was Picasso's best friend from 1935 onwards. After Apollinaire's disappearance, he was the only poet with whom Picasso could dialogue, exchange or share ideas. The surrealist poet soon became literally captivated by the demiurge artist "who persists in seeing everything, in projecting on the screen of man everything that he can understand, admit or transform, figure and transfigure... Starting with Picasso, the walls collapse" . Only the death of Eluard, on November 18, 1952, would put an end to that brotherhood”

Pablo Picasso, who maintained an unbreakable friendship with Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) and Paul Eluard (1895-1952), never got over the premature death of these two great poets. In 1935, Eluard became part of Picasso's inner circle. During a long, exalted and stormy period, in which the Spanish Civil War, the Occupation, the Liberation and the affiliation to the Communist Party are linked, the two friends form a true duo, who seem to want to share not only points of view, but also behaviors. The poet and the artist coincide in the field of art and creation, as well as in the same political orientation. Eluard and Picasso knew and experienced the intense interrelation between painting and poetry, creation and the world, history and society. And they managed to preserve "the hard need to last" of their sublime friendship.

(text from the exposition museo Picasso de Barcelona)




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