1923 Barcelona - Ibid 2012
Tàpies start his art story during the long convalescence of a lung disease. Progressively go more intensely in to drawing and painting, and finally left his law studies to devote himself entirely to art. Cofounder of "Dau al Set" in 1948, begins to exhibit at the Salon Barcelona October and in the Hall of Eleven held in Madrid in 1949. After making his first solo show at the Galeries Layetanas, traveled to Paris in 1950, a scholarship from the French Institute. Following his 1953 solo show at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York, is strengthening its international presence. He has received awards including the Prince of Asturias, The Imperiale award from the Japan Art Association, the National Culture Award, the Grand Prix of France Painting, etc.., And anthologies have devoted in Tokyo, New York, Rome, Amsterdam , Madrid, Venice, Milan, Vienna and Brussels. He is represented in major museums around the world, as the foundation that bears his name in Barcelona, Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Guggenheim in Berlin, Bilbao and New York, the Museum of Art Fukoka of Japan, the MoMA in New York or the Tate Gallery in London.