Black Möbius Homage


  • Black Möbius Homage
  • Black Möbius Homage

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Roberto Silvestrini Garcia
“Homenaje a Möbius”
Cold Raku effect
Sizes: 35x 19x 6 cm aprox
Can be hang or laying on flat

The "Mobius strip" is a surface with only one side, already represented in the year 250 before Christ, later published as a mathematical deduction by the Germans, Listing and Moebius in the 50s, is the inspiration for this project, where two textures they chase each other to infinity.
The representation of the Mobius strip is always related to the symbol of infinity, since if with the finger we travel the surface of what we believe to be two sides, thanks to the curvature we will reach the same point, that is why the deduction of "a single side"
The installation comprises from three to more pieces, which can be placed upright, or hung on several sides, each object is dynamic, apart from the intention of making them very tactile.