Les Caprices de Goya de Dalí


  • Les Caprices de Goya de Dalí
  • Les Caprices de Goya de Dalí

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Artist: Salvador Dalí
Title: Les Caprices de Goya de Dalí
Medium: original drypoint etchings on Helio gravure, with pochoir
Serie: Les Caprices de Goya de Dalí
Year: 1977
Edition: 200
Sizes: 25 x 17 cm (plate) and 44.5 x 31.5 cm (paper)
Publisher-editor: Berggruen / EGI Ateliers Rigal (Intaglio / Heliogravure / Pochoir)
Bibliograph/Published: Mischler &Löpsinger 870
Signature: Signed on pencil
Condition: original conditions
this work is sold unframed

Los caprichos is a series of 80 engravings by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, which represents a satire of Spanish society at the end of the 18th century, especially of the nobility and clergy.
Goya, closely related to the enlightened, shared his reflections on the defects of his society.
Los Caprichos began to be recorded in 1797, as we know thanks to an article by Valentín Carderera y Solano (Huesca, 1796-Madrid, 1880) with which he announced to the public a set of engravings made by Goya and made up of 72 prints, for sale for a price of 288 reais.
He used a mixed technique of etching, aquatint, and drypoint retouching. He exaggeratedly deformed the physiognomies and bodies of those who represent human vices and awkwardness, giving bestial aspects.
In his engravings, Dalí changes or plays with the words of the slogans or titles, which accompany the images at the bottom and explain them. All the prints incorporate Dalinian icons into his drawings to give them a twist.