Marylin cover HOT


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Artist: Roberto Silvestrini
Title: Marylin Cover HOT
Technic: Silkscreen on digital, 
Sizes: 35x35cm
Edition of 3
Why is Marylin a universal icon?
There were other more beautiful or more talented actresses, but she is still an icon unattainable, why?
The research of the artist brings to the conclusion that Marylin showed the soul, that incarnation of near and divine at the same time ..
The idea is to take the icon Marylin to a contemporary, contemporary plane, inventing current covers of Magazines,to Show how she was always on the front page.
On these mini-magazines the pure image of Norma Jean, is stamped on screenprinting.
When still was not Marylin, when she was just a fresh and natural young girl

Exhibited in Barcelona, Bilbao, Oporto, lisboa and Madrid.


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