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Pablo Picasso
Negre Negre Negre
Portrait of Aimè Cesare
Original etching drypoint on paper
signed in pencil
one of 16 proofs with the corrected title-page for the book Corps Perdu as cited by Baer in volume V of her catalogue, as included on a folded sheet of Montval wove paper, with full margins,
Sizes: 390 x 570mm.,
Bloch 633, Baer 841
published by Éditions Fragrance, Paris,

Éditions Fragrance and never reissued since, " Corps Perdu " is a collection of 10 poems written by Aimé Césaire in 1949 and illustrated with 32 engravings by Pablo Picasso.

The work published by HC Éditions on the occasion of the exhibition "Césaire, Lam, Picasso" at the Grand Palais, reproduces the whole of "Corps Perd" in a version and format for the general public. It is presented and commented by Anne Egger.


Aimé Césaire was a French poet (1913, Basse-Pointe, Martinique -2008, Fort-de-France, ibídem) recognized as one of the fundamental figures in modern French poetry. Furthermore, he is recognized for his struggles and for creating the concept of blackness as a rejection of French cultural assimilation. He was the founder of the magazines L´Etudiant noir (along with other black intellectuals) and Tropiques. Among his most important books are Return Notebook to the native country and Soleil cou-coupe.

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