The Fruits of the Valley


  • The Fruits of the Valley
  • The Fruits of the Valley
  • The Fruits of the Valley

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Artista: Salvador Dalí
Titulo: The Fruits of the Valley
Técnica: Punta seca original puppé y pochoir
Serie: the songs of Salomon
Año: 1971
Edición: 250
Editor: Atelier Rigal
Bibliografia oficial: Michler/L. W. Löpsinger  478
Firma: Firmado a lapiz
Estado: original
La obra se vende sin marco 


Artist: Salvador Dalí
Title: " The Fruits of the Valley
Medium: gold processed colour etching
Serie: Portfolio  “the songs of Salomon”
Year:  1971
Edition: 250
Description: The Songs of Songs of Solomon is a portfolio of 12 drypoint etchings plus colour and gold dust. Each etching is signed by Dali in the lower right. This is a beautifully drawn series inspired to the Song of Solomon, from the Old Testament. The protagonists of Song of Songs are a woman (Shulamite) and a man, and the poem suggests movement from courtship
In spite of the lack of explicitly religious content, Song of Songs has often been interpreted as a parable of the relationship of God and Israel, or for Christians, Christ and the Church or Christ and the human soul, as husband and wife.
Bibliograph/Published: Mitchler and Löpsinger  478
Signature: Signed on pencil right
this work is sold unframed

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